Leveraging ICT for Better World

We develop and implement innovative solutions that have far-reaching and long-lasting results. Our goal is to utilise ICT to empower vulnerable people, giving them the tools they need to connect, communicate, coordinate and create a better future for themselves.

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What We Do?

Our mission is to harness the power of ICT to deliver a positive and lasting social impact

Education and Capacity Building

Capacity Building for digital inclusion means disadvantaged and conflict-affected people ...

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Employability and Entrepreneurship

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays an important role for the sustainable growth ...

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Innovative Solutions and infrastructure

Through the development of tailored digital solutions, we harness the potential of ICT in meeting ...

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Who We Are?

Our Vision is to Empower Communities Through ICT

Roia is an independent, non-profit organisation that harnesses the power of information and communications technology (ICT) to improve the welfare of those living in the most difficult of circumstances. We believe in the power of people and technology to deliver high-impact, socially inclusive, innovative and more durable solutions for conflict-affected people, communities and societies.

ICT is driving change in all major sectors, and we pledge to leave no one behind. We know ICT can be a powerful ally in creating new solutions and possibilities and supporting people’s potential, even in the harsh conditions they face amidst conflict and disaster.

Our Projects

What You Need To Know About Our Actions

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Digital violence in the Middle East takes the form of surveillance, censorship, monitoring, hacking and online gender-ba...

  • Status: onGoing
  • Date: 2022/06/28
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Subul Outsourcing Hub

Digital technologies and the freelance economy are changing the nature of work while creating new job opportunities and ...

  • Status: onGoing
  • Date: 2022/06/17
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Maharat Academy

Digital exclusion and digital illiteracy exacerbate existing inequalities and negatively affect the life of vulnerable i...

  • Status: onGoing
  • Date: 2022/06/07
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