Maharat Academy

Education for Digital and Economic Inclusion
Digital exclusion and digital illiteracy exacerbate existing inequalities and negatively affect the life of vulnerable individuals - including refugees IDPs, women and those with disabilities. In order to guarantee conflict-affected communities can actively participate and benefit from the global digital transformation, Maharat Academy promotes ICT skills development to improve participants’ productivity and resilience.

objective-iconEnable digital transformation
objective-iconEquip youth with ICT skills
objective-iconPromote women's participation
objective-iconPromote digital literacy


Digital skills and the access to digital tools and services are a lifeline of self-empowerment and economic integration for vulnerable and conflict-affected people. Yet, digital inclusion amongst the vulnerable is hindered by an absence of digital literacy programmes, a lack of awareness, safety concerns, poverty, social norms and gender inequalities. This digital exclusion can have significant impact on the lives of the most vulnerable, exacerbating existing inequalities, social injustice and tensions. Unfortunately, private and public sector organisations remain largely unaware of ICT’s advantages, so can benefit from new technology as well as the help of skilled ICT professionals



Maharat Academy is an educational and capacity-building project aiming at empowering disadvantaged and conflict-affected communities with the necessary skills and tools for global digital transformation. Maharat provides advanced ICT skills development for conflict-affected youth, paying special attention to women and people with disabilities to ensure their involvement in ICT. Empowered with in-demand digital skills, these groups can develop their potential and access the global digital economy, fighting inequalities, gender bias and the digital divide. The academy promotes digital literacy and ICT education between all community members equally to guarantee everyone can benefit from the digital transformation and know about the potential of ICT. Maharat builds the ICT capabilities of the public and private sectors so they can participate in the transformation process. The public and private sectors both play a pivotal role, especially in conflict recovery and in a digital economic strategy. Our mission is ambitious, but it is this ambition that has driven Maharat since 2016, and which will drive us to achieve an even greater impact in the future.

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Annual Report: Maharat Academy - Syria
2021/01/01/ 2021/12/01
In 2021, Maharat Academy used A’zaz methodology and strategy to reach more disadvantaged youth living in North West Syria while collecting useful data
Progress Report: Maharat Academy- Syria
2020/09/01 2020/12/31
Maharat Academy – A’zaz, represents the fourth phase of the Maharat Academy Program launched in 2016. The needs assessment and field research conducte
Progress Report: Maharat Academy – Syria
2016/10/01/ 2018/10/21
The Roia Foundation developed an integrated program to build livelihood opportunities and strengthen access to quality education for communities affec